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Central Maine Researchers and Investigators of the Paranormal



While each investigation generates probably over 100 associated photos, we will post a select few here as featured photos.   While a lot of the photos that are taken on investigations are of orbs, the presence of orbs dosen't prove a haunting.  Orbs can be almost anything, dust, bugs, camera malfunctions, and even rain.  Now there are those that say that orbs do prove a presence, but again they can be debunked as many causes. 

Cedar Creek Battlefield
This pic has a few typical orbs

Cedar Creek Battlefield
Some more orbs above the window and the door.

Cedar Creek Battlefield
Light Streak above porch

Ceadr Creek Battlefield
There is what appears to be a face with a beard in the red circle.

This is what appears to be the face.
This picture has been enhanced.