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Central Maine Researchers and Investigators of the Paranormal

Maine Paranormal Chat Rules


 1. No bots or cloning.

2. No flooding, repeated sentences, sounds or pop-ups. (Limit: 4)

3. No advertising, unless permission is granted by a moderator.

4. Room content is PG-13.
Parents are strongly cautioned to give special guidance to children under the age of 13. Some casual cursing is allowed. However, extreme cursing will not be tolerated, and is under the discretion of the room's moderators. If warnings are not complied with, you will be removed from the room, immediately.

5. No use of excessive CAPS. It's considered yelling and rude.

6. Do not ignore channel moderators.

7. No harassing other chatters and/or moderators.

8. Do not impersonate a TAPS member, person of fame and/or a moderator at any time.

9. No inappropriate nicks or links.

10. This is an English speaking room only.

11. This is not a dating service or pick-up chat room. Personal stats are to be kept to Private Messages (PM's).

12. Before you Private Message (PM) someone, you must get prior approval.

13. Decisions made by room moderators are final.
14. No Idling for more than 4 hours.